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Katherine Elliott

6th Grade Math Teacher

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I graduated from Tomball High School in 2013. Throughout high school I was on the swim team, waterpolo team and student council. 

I graduated from Western Governors University in 2019. I was a member of Kappa Delta Pi.

Family Information:

Our Wedding   Our family


      I have been married to my wonderful husband Eric for 4 amazing years. We have two rescue animals, a German Sheppard named Willow and a cat named Steven. We are expecting our first child in October, Darla Mae! 

Personal Information:

I enjoy traveling when I am not teaching. Here are photos from some of my travels. 


tanzania In Tanzania with my students after I gave a lesson on how to write daily journal entries with their new journals. 

kenya I have volunteered at this orphanage in Kenya multiple times. The orphanage is for children who were abandoned as babies, its called Happy Life Childrens Home because they really are the happiest kids in the world. 

honduras My husband & I spent some time in Honduras and drilled water wells for villages who did not have access to clean water. Prior to us coming, they got their drinking water from the nearby creek where they used to bath in and it was also where the cows roamed. Drinking from the contaminated water was the cause of frequent sickness throughout the village.

uruguay I passed out food and hygeine supplies to the children who lived on the streets  in Uruguay. There are so many homeless children in Uruguay because there are not enough orphanages to support them. This photo is in the local village where I stayed, they let me pick out the dinner. I didn’t understand so I picked the cute duck and bunny, we ate it later that day.  

Katherine Elliott

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