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8th Grade U.S, History

Ehrhart School 8th Grade Class 2017 STAAR Results

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 8th Grade class at Ehrhart School for an AWESOME job on the 2017 Social Studies STAAR test taken in May 2017.  I am so proud of this group and the effort put in by each and every student.  I could not ask for any better.  Our goal was a 75% passing rate for the whole group of 8th graders.  We came out with a 77% passing rate.   I cannot speak enough about this group and the hard work they put in.

In January,we made a deal.  If 75% of the class passed the STAAR, than I would shave my head and my beard.  Well, 77% passed and now I need to fulfill my part.  I did this last Friday evening and the results are below.  Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to the 8th graders.  Well Done!



Eric Flatten

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Eric Flatten

2018 STAAR Results

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Ehrhart School 8th Grade class for its accomplishment on the 2018 Social Studies STAAR Exam taken in May.  76 % passed and 28% mastered the test.  They matched the 2017 class in percentage passed, but more importantly, they surpassed the 2017 class in number who mastered the test, with 5 mastering the test.  AWESOME!!!!

Our deal this year was that if we got 76% to pass and 6 to master, I would color my hair and beard red.  We reached our goal of 76%, but fell just short of the number to master.  However, I decided to go halfway and dye my beard read as the kids put in so much work.  CONGRATULATIONS class of 2018.  You were outstanding.

Social Studies STAAR Results

Great job to the 8th Graders on the Social Studies STAAR test taken in May 2017.  77% passed the test.  AWESOME!

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