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How A,R. Works in My Class!


Map Skills #3 Latitude and Longitude


Map Skills #2 Parts of a Map


Map Skills #1 Types of Maps


Free Rice

Free Rice has challenging games for math, grammar, vocabulary, and fine art! You can play games and donate rice to hungry communities around the world. You play and do something good at the same time. 

Twister Game!

Teacher’s First has cool Brain Twister games here! They change all the time and you can pick your age level. 

The Raven (Edgar Allen Poe)

A really cool interactive site to read and hear Poe’s classic poem of terror.

Vocabulary Games!

Differing levels of vocabulary, ESL, and more – all in fun games to play while you learn!

Road to Grammar

Want to work on some of those tricky grammar issues? Word parts, sentence structure, parts of speech, and more...all of your favorite things are here to play with. Best part: no one is going to grade you and you still learn!


Knoword is a face-paced word game that challenges your vocabulary, tests your typing skills, and stimulates your mind!

Mummy Fun

Totally unrelated to reading or writing, but a fun, interesting, and informative interactive game! Want to learn about how mummies were created in Ancient Egypt? Here are fascinating details in an animated site.

Baldwin Historical Children's Literature

This site has thousands of books to e-read! Children’s literature from the past – interesting pictures and a fun look at really old books for kids. 

Drama as Literature

This is a presentation I created for my students to learn about drama and the vocabulary associated with drama. 

Reading and Understanding Poetry

My presentation about how to read poetry to really understand it, to find meaning in poems that sound like gibberish the first time you read them...

Poetry Elements

A presentation about the elements of poetry

Literary Nonfiction

This is my classroom presentation on literary nonfiction and its vocabulary. 

Poetry and You

Another little presentation to help you understand poetry...

Disney Movies & Literary Elements

This presentation uses Disney movies and characters – old and new – to teach you about the elements of literature...

Improving Your Reading Skills

There are some helpful ways to help you get better at reading and comprehending what you read. This is my presentation about just that!

Reading Fiction

This is my presentation on reading fiction and the vocabulary of literary elements. 

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