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Kathy Haskins

6th grade Reading - Social Studies Teacher

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About Me

Educational History:

I attended three different high schools in three different states, but I graduated from Forest Park High School (now West Brook) in Beaumont.  When did I graduate? Students think that dinosaurs roamed the earth, but it was 1972 and we had televisions and phones and rock-and-roll music. 

Answering a question about college is trickier. I eventually graduated from Lamar University with a B.A. in English and a minor in History. But on the way to that degree (in 1995), I got a Certificate (one-year degree) from Lamar, and then an equivalent Associate’s Degree in Respiratory Care from Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, Illinois. Although I started working on my Master’s Degree in English, I came to Ehrhart and simply didn’t have time to finish. So I have  18 hours of Lamar classes in subjects like Victorian Novels and Rhetoric which are gathering dust. 

Degrees and Certifications:

Respiratory Therapy Certification (CRTT)

Registry in Respiratory Care (RRT)

Certification in Hyperbaric Therapy (HBOT)

4-8th Texas Teaching Certification

ESL Certification

Professional Development:

I have attended many professional development conferences and seminars – too many to list here. In 2011, I became ESL Certified after attending a 3-day workshop and passing the Texas exam. 

Current Position:

I’ve been an ELA Middle School teacher at Ehrhart since 2009. In 2018, I changed to 6th grade only and teach Reading/ELA and Social Studies.  I teach reading and writing which includes stories, books, poetry, grammar, and composition, and World Geography which is great fun!. 

Previous Position:

There used to be a private school in Lumberton called East Texas Christian School which had kindergarten through high school. I taught upper grade Social Studies and that included 8th grade American History, 9th grade World Geography, 10th grade American History, 12th grade Government and Economics, and 11-12th grade Creative Writing.                        

For a couple of years before that, I was a clinical instructor for Lamar University’s Respiratory Care program. That means I taught adult Respiratory Care students in the hospital setting, not in a classroom. I also worked in Lamar’s Writing Lab – helping college students with their essays and research papers. 

Family Information:

My dad was a jet pilot in the United States Air Force, so I was born on an Air Force Base in England, lived in 9 states and Japan. We moved to Beaumont when I was a senior in high school and, with the exception of a couple of short residencies in Houston, Chicago, and Lake Charles, I have lived in Beaumont since then. My roommates are Josie, my very enthusiastic, extremely silly rescue dog (she is the smartest dog I’ve ever owned and knows the names of all of her toys! I can say, “Get the orange ball” or “Bring me your pig” and she brings the correct toy almost every time) and Trixie, my “tuxedo” cat.  Now Molly and Mickey, my parents’ dogs who I inherited when my father passed away in 2018, have become members of my furry family.

My daughter, Jenny, is a professional nanny and lives in Manor, outside of Austin. She’s married to Stoney who is a police officer in Manor.  Jenny graduated from West Brook here in Beaumont in 1997 and Lamar University with a B.A. in General Studies, emphasis on Family Sciences, a few years later. Like me, she’s a pet lover and has twoi dogs and two cats: Tuff, Rigby, Moose, and Valentino. I call them my grandpets. 



Personal Information:

In my spare time (LOL!), I love paper crafting. I’ve made wedding and baby scrapbooks and personalized journals. These days I am making a special kind of watercolor notecards and am working on making all of my own Christmas cards to send out this year!

Of course, I love to read. My kindle fire is one of my favorite things and I have  about 500 books on it which I want to read (and I add more all the time).  I like historical fiction, horror stories like Stephen King’s, and contemporary fiction. What I don’t like much are romances and legal mysteries.  I try to read a few of the books available in my classroom library every school year so that I can honestly recommend them to my students. Wonder, The One and Only Ivan, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Up a Road Slowly and A Single Shard are a few great ones.  My all-time favorite book (and the one of the only ones I have read more than once – I think it’s 13 times now) is Charlotte Bronte’s  Jane Eyre.


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